Anger Management Tools for Kids

Welcome, I hope you are finding helpful tools so far! As you will find throughout my site, I have included links to download or print as much resources as I can.

Today’s post focuses on worksheets and other paper type resources to use with anger management such as the anger diary, anger pie, anger ladder, and other anger worksheets. Although these are mostly for kids a few of the worksheets would be useful for adults as well.

My two favorite resources are ones that I created based on CBT theory while I was working in a residential center for kids with intellectual disabilities. Since then I have used these with children without and have found them effective for kids age 7-18. Hopefully you find these useful as well, let me know what you think!

The first anger management tool is the anger diary. This worksheet helps clients identify the trigger, their thoughts, “justification” or reason they are made (I felt picked on, not listened to, I didn’t get what I wanted, etc), includes an anger thermometer, bodily response, and then asks them to think about what they did or should do.

The second anger worksheet I created is similar to the anger diary but is a little less complex. It includes pictures and simple responses.

Other resources I have used are from Ron Potter-Efron (website here). He has published many books including “Angry All the Time”. This book includes many explanations of anger, philosophy, as well as multiple worksheets. It also addresses the link between anger and addiction.

Several of the tools I have found useful are: Anger Intake, Anger Pie, and the Anger Ladder.

There is also an explanation of normal anger cycle and a chronic anger cycle. Anger Cycle

One other tool that is included in this book is a dysfunctional behavior cycle that is great for anger as well as other maladaptive behaviors.

Do you have other resources or tools that you use?

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5 thoughts on “Anger Management Tools for Kids

  1. Jessica,
    Super helpful and a great blog! For some reason I was not able to view the anger pie! Everything else looks great.
    Thanks so much for posting this.

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  3. OMG!
    I luv your website! It has very simple and easy to use activities for my students.
    I needed this site early in the year but I can not wait to use this going forward. A stress reliever for myself.

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