Mind Over Mood, Depression, Anxiety Worksheets

In one of my college courses, we were required to buy the workbook Mind over Mood which can be found on Amazon here or the Mind over Mood website. I have used this many times and has been a great tool. It is specific to depression, but also has a section for anxiety. However, since it utilizes basic CBT principals can be used for other things as well.  You can find a poorly scanned large excerpt at the link below (not mine):

http://donpugh.dyndns.org/Psych%20Interests/PD/mind%20over%20mood/mind%20over%20mood.pdf page #26

One of the things that the workbook uses is a daily thought and mood record/diary:

Daily Thought & Mood Sheet This looks like it was re-created from the Mind over Mood book and is very detailed, but also labor intensive on the client’s part and not very useful with younger children.

Weekly Mood and Thought Record This is one that is done weekly and is more basic and I would imagine would result in better response rate especially from a teen.

For younger children, I would suggest a mood diary or mood worksheet where they simply indicate their mood that day. See post on emotions, feeling faces, and charts.

A fun, albeit, not very clinical, tool to have clients track mood is www.moodpanda.com.

And www.healthyplace.com/mood-journal is an online mood journal that is much more professional looking and tracks medication, weight, and hours slept as well. It only allows for depression, elevated mood, anxiety, and irritability. There is also a setting where it can email you if they enter a mood level that is problematic. It also provides a chart, calendar, and monthly report.

If you have questions about this feel free to ask, also please share any feeling recording sheets you use!!


7 thoughts on “Mind Over Mood, Depression, Anxiety Worksheets

  1. Does this workbook help for people who suffer daily / nightly from chronic pain?

    I was told that it could help but I haven’t read the book so I don’t know. Pain is not indicated in the book’s description online. Please advise

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