Anger Worksheets

Anger is probably the #1 issue the kids I work with deal with. In this post you will find many great links, worksheets, and resources for addressing anger in children of all ages. One of my favorite books for dealing with anger is “A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger”.

This book has many great anger worksheets for dealing with and teaching anger management. You can find a resource guide with a volcano worksheet and an angry body worksheet here or you can download it here: Volcano in my Tummy excerpts.

One of the great things in this book is the ANGER RULES


You can also download a PDF with feeling faces here: AngerRules or a word document that you can reformat here: The Anger Rules

KellyBear.Com has some great resources and activities for counselors, teachers, and parents. Some of my favorite are Making Choices, Feelings Game, Behavior Activity , and and Guidelines for parents (These are links to the webpage, I recommend copy and pasting it into a word document then saving!). They also have a database of over 80 articles and handouts on topics from self esteem, cliques, aggression, war, and so much more; check out the database here! also has some good free (and paid) resources. Two of the resources are FREE ANGER GAMES as well as an Anger Lesson…you can find them online here or you can download them directly here:
Anger Lesson and Worksheets, Dont Get Mad: Anger Game, Ready, Set, Respond Game (These are downloadable and printable PDF documents)

Other resources: It’s OK to be Angry activity/lesson also has some great anger worksheets including the Anger Stoplight, Anger Chart, Anger Stop Sign,  Calming Strategies, How Do I Respond Worksheet, and some are even in Spanish!!

     Anger Stop Sign             

Don’t forget to check out my other pages about anger: Angry Birds, Anger Management Tools for Kids


4 thoughts on “Anger Worksheets

  1. This is a great website. You have put alot of time and energy into sharing your resources…spreads good will. I’m a starting-out psychologist in South Africa. Thank you:)

  2. Let’s strive to make sure their self-esteem needs are always met, allowing our kids the freedom to develop and nurture their need for creativity and personal fulfillment.

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