The purpose of my blog is to provide as many resources for therapists, counselors, and teachers as possible. Usually, I upload direct resources or explanations with links to resources. Although I will continue to do this,  I am going to add a weekly post where I highlight another website that also provides great resources and tools. If you have a website that you use or have created that you would like featured, leave a comment or use my contact me page!

This week’s IN THE SPOTLIGHT is

A few of my favorite features of the website:

Individual Counseling: includes resources for personality quiz/type,  anxiety and feelings worksheets, and social stories

Small Group Counseling: here you will find 6 session curriculum on bullying, grief, friends, anger mgt, anxiety, divorce, and self esteeme

Classroom Counseling: this section provides counselors and teachers alike with short classroom presentations on bullying, emotions, career, fairness, self esteem, tattling, and test anxiety.

My favorite part is the Resources Section which includes lot of links to other websites and blogs that contain resources.

I hope you find helpful! Let me know if there are other sites you think I should share!!



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