Rainbows and Storm Clouds, Like, Dislike?

As with many of the posts on this site, I cannot claim the original idea, as one of my co-workers (Todd) has this in his office at school. I have not see this yet, so I thought that I would share. One of the things I have discovered about counseling is you often feel like you are “putting out fires”, which is especially true in residential or school settings. This makes it difficult to focus on the positive behaviors that the client is demonstrating on a daily basis. The following is a great way to keep those positives in mind, set a working tone for the session, as well as give you valuable information to help direct your session!

My co-worker has a unique way of checking in with clients at the beginning of session. He has a dry erase board and has rainbows drawn on one side and clouds on the other and then asks clients what their rainbows have been this week and what their clouds have been.

I also thought that this could be adapted and used with “Facebook language” by asking clients what their likes and dislikes for the week are.

Which do you like better? Do you do something similar?



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