Free Self Determination Workbook

solution focused

Self determination goes by many names in the mental health field…”client as expert”, “person centered”, “strength’s based”, and maybe least commonly as “solution focused”. However, the solution focused approach IS person centered, strengths based, and one of the main tenets is the client is the expert.

The resources presented below are from the University of Illinois’ Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy (mouthful huh!). They present a self determination assessment and corresponding self determination life plan workbook. These are great tools to use when working with children as well as adults.

If you are familiar with solution focused brief treatment (SFBT) then you will quickly see that the workbook takes you through the solution focused treatment process quickly and effectively. If you are not familiar with SFBT, I will be uploading some basic materials, worksheets, and explanations in the coming week. I also offer a full day training on SFBT if you are interested.

I am recommending these tools, BECAUSE THEY WORK! Give it a try with one of your clients or consumers, I bet you’ll be surprised at the progress they make! If you have questions about the type of clients that are appropriate for this treatment modality- shoot me a message or leave a comment.

The assessment can be found on UIC’s website here

or you can download the PDF directly Here.

The workbook can also be found on their website here

or you can download the PDF directly here



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