FREE Relaxation MP3s

Relaxation Spot from My Honeymoon

In case you haven’t figured it out, I LOVE free resources and I also love free resources that lead to MORE free resources, which is what happened today. sends out a weekly email with a free download. This week, they also included links for free relaxation MP3s courtesy of McKinley’s Health Education at Illinois University.

The link to the relaxation techniques is HERE and the link to the MP3s is HERE as well as linked below. To download the MP3s, click on the MP3 audio file and then right click in the window that opens then chose save page as. 

There are relaxation music files in addition to:

2 guided imagery files: Ocean Retreat and Trip to the Beach

1 deep breathing file: Deep Breathing

2 progressive muscle relaxation files: Head to Toe and Toe to Head


What did you think?

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