But I Love My Kid…


One of the things I rarely doubt is that the parents I work with love their kids…I do believe this, in fact, I think I HAVE to believe this in order to work effectively with the family. That said, often I find myself explaining parental behavior to kids and kid behavior to parents. I find myself trying to mend relationships and bridge communication gaps, alas chasms sometimes! Often this comes down to parents not speaking their “kid’s language” and vice versa…this is where today’s free resource comes into play!

One tool that is often used in marriage counseling is the 5 love languages, however these love languages are true for most anyone, including children. Did you know that you can take the love language assessment online or download the PDFs for free at http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/ ? Also, they have a new(er) assessment that looks at how a person prefers to receive an apology!

Just to make your life a little easier, I have included the love languages & apology quizzes below:
Children Love Languages
Teen Love Languages
Couples Love Languages
Singles Love Languages
Apology Assessment


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