Getting to Know You & Child Intake Forms


The next few posts are going to all come from one website, called the Technical Assistance Center on Social and Emotional Intervention.

They offer great free resources to teachers (and therapist AND parents) on how to deal with challenging behaviors in children. Today’s free resource includes a getting to know you questionnaire that is great to adapt for therapy as it provides you with some good information about a child’s social and emotional well-being. Stay tuned for a new free resource the next couple days!

Getting to Know You Questionnaire


bigstock-depression-teen-girl-cried-lon-27260714I have adapted several intake forms to create my own intake form for parents as well as a child response form. I have also included an intake form for therapists to complete (i.e. the psychiatric diagnostic evaluation form). Feel free to change the heading and use for your purposes. If you post it online, please link back to the original. THANKS!

Child Intake Form- Parents

Child Response Form

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation



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