Books & Activities for Social Skills

I am in the middle of facilitating a social skills group and when looking for resources I can across some really good books that I have incorporated into the curriculum.
Most of the book can be found at your local library or bookstore and most can also be found online in video format.
Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister– a really cute book about sharing.The Rainbow FishVideo:
Activity: or have them color this worksheet.

Rainbow Fish Worksheet

It’s Mine by Leo Lionni– A book about 3 bickering frogs who learn to work together.It's MineVideo:
Activity: Build an origami frog. I watched and attempted to make several variations; this video shows the easiest one I tried.

Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook: Julia Cook has a number of awesome books that are useful for therapy including My Mouth is a Volcano! You may have to order these off of Amazon as I was not able to find them in any stores/library!Personal Space CampVideo:
Activity: Space Spin- have group members stand with their arms out to their sides and pretend to be a spacecraft/UFO. Ask them to “pick a destination” such as a planet to “go to”. Then all group members must “fly” AKA spin to the other side of the room without touching or running into any other group members.

Stand In My Shoes by Bob Sornson: Emily learns what empathy means.Stand in My ShoesVideo:
Activity: I read this book to the group first, then we watched the Rainbow Fish video and then made a fish. Here is another related activity.


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