What Parenting IS…

I haven’t posted an opinion piece on this blog yet, but I thought this needs to be said…and I know it has been said, but it needs said again…and again…and again!

I feel this message IS in fact a resource, because we need to remind ourselves AND remind others of it every day. I think we get so wrapped up in the “doing” of our job, whatever it may be, that we forget.  So here it goes, this message is one to remember, are you ready?

PARENTING IS HARD, like reallyreallyreallyreally HARD!

It doesn’t matter if they are biologically yours or not.

It doesn’t matter your race or gender
and it doesn’t matter your sexuality
or your religion.

It doesn’t matter your financial status, your job status
or your marriage status.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or two,
or if it is your 3rd or your 4th.

If you’re in the terrible 2’s, the sassy 7’s, or the testing teens; it doesn’t matter!

Can we stop, just for a minute, look around, take a collective deep breath, and agree…this parenting thing, well…it’s hard!



What did you think?

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