Coping Skills List, Trees, and Footballs?

Coping Skills for Kids

Here you will find a list of over 50+ coping skills. I created this because one of the things that I often have a hard time finding is a large list of coping skills, especially those beyond the take 3 … Continue reading

Feelings Charts and Feeling Faces

I often use feeling faces in my sessions. When I first meet with a client, especially a younger one, I often have them match feeling words to feeling face cards. We then process these feelings by the client identifying what … Continue reading

Minecraft Mood/ Self-Regulation Resource


I have a little secret…

I have never played Minescraft…

but, that doesn’t stop me from using it with my clients.

I recently found this awesome 5 point scale courtesy of the Jacob’s Family Blog. If you visit their website there is also an Excel file where you can customize the scale to your client’s behaviors!

Minecraft-5-Point-ScaleMinecraft 5 Point Scale