Minecraft Mood/ Self-Regulation Resource


I have a little secret…

I have never played Minescraft…

but, that doesn’t stop me from using it with my clients.

I recently found this awesome 5 point scale courtesy of the Jacob’s Family Blog. If you visit their website there is also an Excel file where you can customize the scale to your client’s behaviors!

Minecraft-5-Point-ScaleMinecraft 5 Point Scale


Free E-book(let) for Therapists! One more added!!

Who loves free stuff? Why everyone of course, and especially on a social worker’s salary! It is not often that you find a collection of incredibly practical and effective tools all in one place. Liana Lowenstein has put together a free e-book of therapy ideas and tools to use with children, teens, groups, and families. I highly recommend that you print this off and try some!!

Liana Lowenstein’s FREE BOOK HERE…if that does not work you may have to fill out the form here to get it! She also has a featured technique listed on her website and a great articles for therapists page with very helpful tools- check it out @ www.lianalowenstein.com

Also, here is an article with 15 play therapy ideas and techniques for working with kids and families!

ANOTHER FREE BOOK by Lowenstein can be found here: http://www.gway.org/Websites/gway/images/Creative%20Interventions.pdf